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    Ryan is located in the heart of horse country - Lexington, Kentucky. Just a few minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park, he is in a prime location to serve all of your equine and farm photography needs. A photographer of seven years, his previous repertoire at one point or another has included the following genres: wedding, engagement, senior portraits, family portraits , pet portraits, aviation, and landscapes. He still enjoys shooting senior portraits (or similar - portraits of single individuals), pet portraits, aviation, and landscapes. Since moving to Lexington, Ryan has directed most of his attention toward equine photography, however he still continues his passion for his other photography interests. Living in the "Horse Capital of the World" has a profound impact on anyone who has a big heart for animals. He captures both emotion and beauty through his camera as he spends time with the horses around the area. He has also fallen in love with the beauty of the horse farms themselves in Kentucky, and he enjoys capturing dramatic scenes of the rolling hills, stunning barns, and the fences that have become synonymous to that of Kentucky.

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    Photography is something I do simply for enjoyment. I get requests from time to time to do projects by farms, horse owners, pet owners, and aircraft owners. I accept as many of these projects as time permits, so if you have any requests, please ask!


    I currently shoot with a Canon T3i. I've got a multitude of lenses. Each lens serves its own purpose as far as the types photos it is capable of taking and the types of effects you can achieve.


    I take photos for my own enjoyment. That being said, part of that enjoyment comes from providing enjoyment for others. I get a kick out of seeing, hearing, and reading people's reactions to my work. I also enjoy providing my services and shaping my work to fit the needs of clients.

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      To purchase prints, simply get in contact with me by clicking on the "Contact" tab on the left and let me know that you'd like to do so. All images that are posted on this website are for sale. There is a $50 fee for an at home visit to take personalized photos within the Lexington area. Thank you!

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